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When will I receive my bonus?
When will I receive my bonus?
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Quidco bonuses will be paid once the cashback for your qualifying purchase is approved by the retailer.

Once you've opted in you'll be able to follow the progress of your bonus using your Bonus Cashback filter in your Activity page.

The bonus will display as 'Tracked' once you've opted in and you’ll need to make an offer-specific purchase. Once a purchase has tracked in to your account we're just waiting for the retailer to approve the cashback before we pay your bonus. You'll know when it's ready for payment because the status will change to 'Confirmed' and the amount will be added to your payments page ready for you to make a withdrawal request.

Refer a Friend bonuses

The bonus will be paid automatically once the friend you’ve referred via your link has reached their first £5 in confirmed cashback. Your Refer Quidco page will update and we’ll also send you an email confirming this.

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