If your purchase has tracked into your Quidco account but it's showing a £0.00 cashback amount, this could be down to one of the following reasons:

  • The item you purchased wasn't eligible for cashback. You can see the eligible items by checking the cashback rates available on the retailer pages.

  • If you've purchased insurance the retailer may track in the quote you generated, prior to your first payment being taken. Your cashback should update to the correct amount after 6 weeks as the cashback will only start to process once you've made your initial payment towards your policy. If your cashback remains at £0.00 after this time, please contact customer support who will be happy to help.

  • If you've purchased with IHG, it's normal for this to track at £0.00 cashback, and this should update within 30 days of your stay.

If your purchase isn't showing an amount of cashback, but you're sure that the item you purchased is eligible, you can raise a missing cashback claim and we’ll get it tracked properly for you.

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