To ensure your cashback always tracks, please ensure your browser is setup correctly by following this step by step guide:

  • Make sure your cookies are enabled and pop-up blockers/ad-blockers are disabled. If using a mobile device, ensure you are not using pop-up blocker/ad-blocker or cookie protection apps.

  • Enable JavaScript in your browser.

  • Anti-virus software and Firewalls are known to obstruct affiliate links (which we use to track your purchases). Your firewall must be enabled for cookie tracking. Ad and cookie blocking must be disabled to allow us to track your transactions.

  • Do not use private browsing or incognito windows in any browser.

  • If possible, use a dedicated browser for all your shopping, as you would have to do amend your settings after any automatic updates on your browser.

  • Don't open too many website tabs in the same browser as it may seriously affect transaction tracking.

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